My Dog Tulip

Ackerman’s dog, Queenie, came to represent the “ideal friend” who, as an openly gay writer in the 1950s, he was unable to find in the company of people.

No Limits

This year’s Rencontres d’Arles boasts 60 exhibitions and is themed around connections to Mexico from the revolution through to the present day.

Infinity in Miniature

The first major UK retrospective of work by French artist, Charles Matton, presents his miniature enclosures containing painstakingly exact reflections of reality.

Manipulating Light

A major survey into the understanding of light in the context of physical space and object opens at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.


A Hitchcockian rollercoaster ride of blurred identities, cat-and-mouse pursuits and shifty characters who may not be what they seem.


Now in its fourth year, Jersey’s annual Film Festival opened in September 2011. Director, Xanthe Hamilton, told us what to expect that year.

The Politics of Sustenance

The FACE Collection presents Investigations of a Dog. Using the analogy of a dog questioning the origins of food, the exhibition considers what sustains mankind in the 21st century.

Break My Fall

Break My Fall, the feature film debut from Kanchi Wichmann, explores the underbelly of a group of twenty-somethings in East London.

Building Momentum

Producing atmospheric works, Lara Jade is setting trends in the world of fashion, portraiture and commercial photography both in the UK and abroad.

A Survey of the Postmodern

With 20 years hindsight, the V&A’s autumn blockbuster is the first major show to survey the visual products from the postmodern era.