Clare Jay

In conversation with Clare Jay.

When Art Takes on a Life of its Own

Danny Moynihan’s acclaimed novel, Boogie Woogie, documents the inner workings of the art world from the extreme to the extravagant.

Searching for Nikolski

Charting the lives of three interconnected characters in Nikolski, Nicolas Dickner crosses continents and opens up new worlds in this fascinating novel.

Personalising the political

Collapsing ideologies are collaboratively explored in European theatre – Mark Ravenhill and Ramin Gray’s production of Over There personalises the political.

Some Interesting Lyrics

The intricacies of papal history are not a conventional motivation for writing pop songs. With High Slang, Sergeant Buzfuz pulls this off to dazzling effect.

Bittersweet Whistling

Years of classical training and a life-long devotion to honing his craft have left Andrew Bird well equipped for his eighth studio album Noble Beast.

A Certain Romance

Official Secrets Act is setting the standard for contemporary British indie, and what’s more startling, they have yet to release their debut album.

Finding Love in Unexpected Places

Moscow, Belgium is the uplifting debut feature film from director, Christophe Van Rompaey, who tells a universal story of finding love when you least expect it.

Combining the Classic With the Cutting Edge

Bradford Film Festival revisits the classics while keeping its content fresh and up-to-date in the facilities of the National Media Museum.

A Retrospective of “The Quiet Man of the YBAs”

Showcasing works from the late Angus Fairhurst, Arnolfini draws attention to the range and melancholy of this often overlooked Young British Artist.

The End of Postmodernism

The curator of the fourth Tate Triennial, Nicolas Bourriaud introduces a new term “Altermodern” in response to the increasingly global context we live in.

Releasing Forces Within the Human Psyche

Roger Ballen employs 50 years of photographic experience to understand how a photograph affects the human psyche in his latest book, Boarding House.

Chinese Contemporary Art Beyond the Global Market

China China China!!! features 18 contemporary Chinese artists whose work is unconstrained by the recently increased demand for Chinese art.