Unravelling the Myths

In winter 2008, Iniva presented one of the year’s most exciting exhibitions: States of Exchange, looking at the reliability of history in an age of global communication.

From the Modern Economy to Ancient Mythology

Gordon Cheung’s show at the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester, Death By A Thousand Cuts, highlighted hybrid cultures and the rise of a new superpower.

Against Nature

Against Nature continues the Henry Moore Institute’s ethos to promote the appreciation of sculpture as a pertinent art form with a rich and varied history.

Crossing Boundaries and Reaching New Dimensions

Saturated was the inaugural solo show by Sølve Sundsbø, the first in a new cross-cultural programme at Spring Projects, a new gallery space at at Spring Studios.

Sony World Photography Awards 2008

The 2008 SONY World Photography Awards in Cannes, France, showcases over 330 images, and includes the work of some of the greats of photography.

Sarah Waters

Sarah Waters has brought the genre of lesbian historical fiction into the mainstream. In 2003, she was named one of Granta’s Best Young British Writers

Daljit Nagra

The words of Daljit Nagra illuminate his emotional perception. “Poetry allows you to be intense, because to some degree people expect it.”

Vicky Jewson

Vicky Jewson’s first foray into feature-length film is a modern re-imagining of the Lady Godiva legend, re-written as a quirky romantic comedy.

Cinema’s Secret Masterpieces

The Independent Cinema Office (ICO) has launched a new programme that supports artists’ filmmaking, and brings new works and classics back to the public domain.


With a voice as sweet as cherry pie, Thao Nguyen lilts and sighs her way through songs in a way that makes you instantly fall in love with her.

Peggy Sue and the Pirates

Armed with just one guitar between them, Rosa “Rex” Slade and Katy “Klaw” Young’s songs exude the passion and mischievous vibrancy of such self-confessional music.

Tunng: Not Your Standard Band

The song writing process for a band which transcends the label “folktronica” can be daunting. Tunng are not your standard band with vocals, guitar, bass and drums.