Ant Macari

Ant Macari has a benevolent philosophy tow­ards his work. Neither possessive nor exalted in his approach, he places emphasis on the response of his audience.

Philippe Anthonioz

Often described as a “furniture sculptor,” Philippe Anthonioz’s work appeared in a dual exhibition at Galerie Tino Zervudachi in Paris and at Lefevre Fine Art in London.

Will Tuck

Tuck’s paintings speak to us about sex and celebrity, hyper femininity and neutered masculinity. He manipulates and teases his subjects and the language of paint.

Diana Scheunemann

Diana Scheunemann’s photography is alive with sensuality and emotion. She spent a decade travelling and capturing scenes with provocative honesty.

Video Art Gallery

Chris Meigh-Andrews re-imagines some of the earliest examples of photography for the modern world, thanks to digital editing, video, and the addition of sound.

Adam Neate

Elms Lester Painting Rooms has been at the centre of a revolutionary concept; bringing street art into the gallery space, by showcasing international street artists.

Carol Birch

Carol Birch found instant success as a writer with her first novel, Life in the Palace, going on to win the David Higham Award for the Best First Novel of the Year.

Mary Gaitskill

Veronica is Gaitskill’s second novel, combining the decadence and debauchery of the 1980s, where Alison and Veronica, collide against the backdrop of New York.

Jack Mapanje

This year Jack Mapanje was nominated for The Forward Prize for Best Collection for his latest and highly acclaimed collection, Beasts of Nalunga (2007).

Phil Grabsky

Phil Grabsky’s critically acclaimed and multi-award winning documentaries capture an array of subjects from Mozart to Afghan­istan and Chernobyl.

Nick Broomfield

Nick Broomfield is somewhat of an enigma, favouring the participatory approach to documentary filmmaking, thus making a profound mark on his films.

Operator Please

Fresh from 2007’s NME Freshers tour and the MTV2 Gonzo tour, Operator Please is a rabble of pop punk teens hailing from Australia’s Gold Coast.

The Pigeon Detectives

Although The Pigeon Detective’s look is very much the London indie-boy uniform of scruffy shoes and scruffier hair, their sound is undeniably that of Yorkshire.

Alabama 3

With their cowboy swagger and deep-south drawl, you’d be forgiven for thinking Alabama 3 are a straightforward American blues band.


Gravenhurst are back with their new album, The Western Lands. It’s an ambitious album, full of powerful melodies crossed with euphoric lo-fi pop.

Alice McLaughlin

Alice McLaughlin writes and sings beautiful, soulful pop, which draws on an extensive range of influences from blues to folk and country.