Alice McLaughlin

Alice McLaughlin is not one for convention. She writes and sings beautiful, soulful pop, which draws on an extensive range of influences from blues to folk and country. After spending her early twenties travelling around South East Asia, with her trusty guitar, gathering inspiration, Alice ended up in Edinburgh, collaborating with musicians and then moved to London to pursue her dreams.

Following the death of her mother and an intense period of grief, Alice decided to escape the grind of city life and took a road trip across America in a 1979 Dodge Winnebago. Alice explains how her travels have influenced her: “It’s on a subconscious level, I picked up a lot in Nashville, especially those riff-heavy roots driven sounds.”

Inspiration for Alice stems from everyday normal situations. “In day to day life, I often find a song comes from a feeling or thought I want to express.” Alice recently signed to Rob da Bank’s Sunday Best Recordings record label, which her October single Dolly Figured was released on. “I love the vibe from the label, it really fits-in well with me. There’s a nurturing atmosphere and I think it is fantastic that Rob da Bank supports new music. You often see him knocking around London, going to gigs and looking out for new artists.”

Alice’s songs are exquisitely layered and serve to enhance her fantastic vocal range. “I visualise for the album a soundscape, like Radiohead’s OK Computer in terms of layering.” Equally Alice’s voice has the power and diversity to stand alone, with her accompanying on guitar.

Alice has played live at this year’s Isle of Wight’s Bestival and in other venues from Moscow’s Central Park to a crowd of 12,000, to London’s ICA and Jazz Café. “When I’ve performed certain songs, like The Dream it has really touched people and they have cried. I believe as a musician you are a messenger, you deliver the song and it takes on a life of its own, I don’t have ownership of it and it is a gift for other people.”

With a highly anticipated album out in early 2008, Alice’s plans for the future include: “Touring all over the UK and Europe and then hitting the festival circuit where I will be introducing myself to people.”

Shona Fairweather