Polly Morgan Talks About Endless Plains at All Visual Arts, London

Ever since we spoke to Polly Morgan last month, we have been following her movements as she elevates taxidermy to an art form by creating vignettes that emphasise the beauty of nature.

Alessandro Imbriaco: The Garden

Photographer Alessandro Imbriaco is the 19th winner of the European Publishers Award for Photography, and will see his project – The Garden – published in a book in five European countries.

Interview with Nigel Walker, Curator of Creation Fine Arts, Beverley

Creation Fine Arts is a brand new art gallery in Beverley, East Yorkshire, showcasing the work of talented artists from the local area and around the globe. Aesthetica spoke to Curator, Nigel Walker.

Obsession at Louis Vuitton Maison, New Bond Street

Collaborations between fashion houses and the art world are nothing new. Unlike some of the commercial tie-ins we witness today, everyone is a winner when these spheres work creatively together.

Yto Barrada: RIFFS at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham

Yto Barrada’s RIFFS is a highly anticipated and significant exhibition for Ikon. The show focuses on the realities around her, in particular the process of the “new” into a society where the “old” prevails.

The Dead of Night: William Eckersley: Dark City at VEGAS Gallery, London

In our Dec/Jan 2011 issue, we previewed photographer William Eckersley’s book Dark City. Eckersley’s vision of nocturnal London dissembles the conventional imagery of built environments.

FormContent: It’s Moving from I to It at Eastside Projects, Birmingham

Tucked away in the far corner of Eastside Projects in a side-room is the exhibition It’s Moving from I to It. This exhibition is put on by the performance group FormContent, made up of six participants.

Re-coding Narratives: Aesthetica speaks to Laureana Toledo

With a background in photography, Laureana Toledo’s (b. 1970, Mexico) practice incorporates various media, chosen in relation to a specific concept or theme of the work.

The Kunsthalle Zürich Re-Opens: Interview with Director, Beatrix Ruf

Switzerland’s leading contemporary art organisation, the Kunsthalle Zürich will open to the public this weekend in its new home within the Löwenbräukunst for a special preview week.

Grayson Perry: The Vanity of Small Differences at Victoria Miro, London

Standing in the entrance of Grayson Perry’s exhibition at the Victoria Miro gallery I find myself caught between two images. On the left, a child is cradled in the arms of a young mother.

The Happy Couple: Laura Stevens: Us Alone in Paris

Laura Stevens looks at the dark and melancholy aspects of relationships. Us Alone explores the moment when the romance of cohabitation is betrayed by the banal aspects of day-to-day living.

We Face Forward: Contemporary Art and Music from West Africa

We Face Forward is a season of art and music from West Africa, celebrated across Manchester’s galleries, museums, music venues and public spaces, as part of London 2012 Festival.

Curator Liz Wells, Sense of Place, BOZAR, Brussels

The focus of the 4th edition of the Summer of Photography, an international biennale that focuses on photography and related media, is on landscape. Central to the festival is Sense of Place.

Jenny Holzer: Sophisticated Devices at Sprüth Magers

Jenny Holzer is an artist known for her words. Whether it’s T-shirts, plaques or LED signs, she emblazons her medium of choice with witty quotes – or truisms – to create instantly satisfying pieces.

Near and Far: Landscape Photographs by Per Bak Jensen at 12 Star Gallery

It is hard to overestimate the importance of attitudes to nature and ideas around the representation of landscape in Nordic culture and thinking.

Babak Ghazi and Gareth Jones at Raven Row, London

The top floor of Raven Row is divided into two adjacent, small, white spaces. Each room contains two sets of shelves, back-to-back. On the shelves are arranged an assortment of uniform black box-files.

HowTheLightGetsIn, The Philosophy and Music Festival at Hay

HowTheLightGetsIn, the philosophy and music festival, offers an intellectually rigorous programme of innovative and inspirational debate, alongside live performances from world-class musicians.

Subverting the Ordinary

Mel Karch’s images are more than just editorial; they tell stories with underlying narratives rooted in the cinematic landscapes of her shoots.

Henry Moore: Large Late Forms at Gagosian Gallery

Gagosian, in collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation are bringing the artist’s sculptures indoors for the first time. It was Moore’s intention that these forms be viewed close-up.

This is Not a House

Edgar Martins’ controversial 2008 project This Is Not A House continues to engross and provoke today, uncovering the realities of where the recession began.