Intersecting Technology, Art and Culture

With the aim of evoking achievable aspirations in attendees, The Art Conference is a two-day arts festival that explores the intersection and evolution of technology, art and culture, pairing the works of creators from street to digital art and internationally acclaimed visionaries.

Located in a three-storey 19th century warehouse, the event includes six exhibitions and digital art installations, and a variety of film screenings and panel discussions. A curated selection of 15 international keynote speakers – artists, gallery owners and directors, curators, editors, activists and digital innovators – share their individual stories and experiences to offer practical insight into the art and creative industries.

Founded by contemporary art curator Tina Ziegler in partnership with the IWSC Group, the cooperation brings a fresh perspective to the art conference scene. Ziegler notes: “I have always wanted to encourage dialogue, critical reflection and interaction with arts and technology, striving to bring people together to connect with the arts and help break down the boundaries people often find when engaging with art. My aim is that TAC will allow the worlds of art and technology to meet and inspire each other.”

Renowned artist and poet Robert Montgomery, known for his site-specific installations created from light and text that address universal themes such as power, love and kindness, exhibits his work alongside Jordan Seiler’s Public Ad Campaign that deals with the social effects of public advertising. Also, emerging Mexican photographer and visual artist Jose Montemayor presents Virtual Awakening, an immersive, life-after-death virtual reality experience.

Aside from the exhibiting artists and creators who share their personal experiences, other innovators include Guillaume Trotin, director and co-founder of OPEN WALLS Gallery in Berlin, a  space with a focus on Public Art and Mia Grondahl, co-founder of Women on Walls, a movement to empower women in Egypt through street art. Other members of the panel are editor-in-chief of street art blog Vandalog and the founder of Spaying Bricks, a network of emerging and established street and graffiti artists, Louis Jensen amongst others.

The Art Conference, 23rd – 24th July 2016, 11am-8pm, The Ugly Duck, 47-49 Tanner Street, London For more information, visit

1. Robert Montgomery, All Palaces are Temporary Palaces (2012). Courtesy of The Art Conference.