Around Leh: Photographs by Nishant Chandra at Out Of The Blue Art Gallery, Mumbai

Out of the Blue Art Gallery presents Around Leh, an exhibition of photographs by Nishant Chandra, exploring the splendid and scenic beauty of the Leh region in monotone greys.

Leh’s beauty of curvaceous stiff mountain ranges complimented by flowing water has been captured in tones of gray for the first time by artist Nishant Chandra. Skillfully balanced contrast of the black, white and greys creates a feel of a dreamlike transcendental world. The photographs have been finished in minute details with great finesse which is evident when looked at with close observation. These photographs will be displayed simultaneously at Out of the Blue Khar & Powai.

On a cold afternoon high up in the hills in the north of the Indian subcontinent, a short gaze towards the horizon by the light snowy touch of the day’s fading brush strokes will reveal one of Nature’s most beautiful landscapes – the Leh. The beauty of the Leh has lured visitors, artists and truth seekers to this region since olden times. The majestic snow clad mountains surrounding the crystal blue lakes and deep green valleys, has been captured in lenses by many seeking to solve the mysteries of its beauty.

Around Leh, 6th August until 2nd September, Out Of The Blue Art Gallery, 14 Union Park, Khar West, Mumbai, 400 052. Displayed Simultaneously at Out Of The Blue Art Gallery, 1st Floor Haiko Place Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai, 400 076.

1. Cloud Burst
2. Grey Scale
3. Stok Kangri
4. Teseimo