A Sense of Escapism

A Sense of Escapism

Hollie Fernando (b. 1991) is a British photographer based in Brighton. Her dreamlike works take inspiration from classical paintings, inspired by their colour palettes, lighting styles and symbols. The images, which span fine art portraiture and commercial work, are now published in a new book from Setanta Books and Open Doors Gallery. It’s the latest addition to a series celebrating emerging artists.

Fernando chooses to shoot on analogue film and prints her work by hand in the darkroom. She then digitises them using specific colour references. “I try to keep all the colours in my work consistent to create my very own fantasy world,” she explains. The results are warm and nostalgic, reminiscent of summer days. The collection is marked by a sense of freedom and youthful escapism – an ode to the outdoors.

Fernando’s imaginary landscape is a place without limits. It evokes the work of renowned artists Ryan McGinley and Justine Kurland, which is full of energy and adventure. Young people are captured within nature. Heads bob within pools of water. Hands reach out against bright blue skies.

This creative approach, Fernando explains, offers something new in an otherwise mainstream world. “To me, the main advantage of being an analogue photographer in the ad industry is the level of artistic control I can retain.” She applies the same style to every subject: from musicians and actors to friends and siblings.

The publication is available now from Setanta Books.

Images: All images © Hollie Fernando – Courtesy of Open Doors Gallery