5 to See: This Weekend

5 to See: This Weekend

Moving into September, must-see shows use documentary photographs, fashion imagery and new technologies to depict the changing urban landscape.

Ni’Homme, Ibasho, Antwerp

Celebrating the work of contemporary Japanese photographers, Ni’Homme engages with the fast pace of everyday life, recording experiences in both urban and rural locations. Featured are works from Eiji Ohashi’s Roadside Lights series and more. Until 1 September.

Brassaï, Fundación MAPFRE, Madrid

Collating a broad selection of Brassaï’s iconic nocturnal cityscapes, Fundación MAPFRE offers new perspectives on Paris. Comprising scenes of everyday life and architectural details, the collection draws a comprehensive, deeply authentic portrait. Until 2 September.

Vogue Like A Painting, GL Strand, Copenhagen

Delving into the publication’s archives, this show establishes visual and thematic links between fashion photography and fine art. The images – by artists such as Erwin Olaf – draw inspiration from a variety of moments across art history. Until 2 September.

Dorothea Lange / Vanessa Winship, Barbican Centre, London

Concurrent exhibitions of work by iconic documentary photographer Dorothea Lange and British artist Vanessa Winship engage with timely ideas of identity, using the lens as a tool through which to navigate socio-political landscapes. Until 2 September.

teamLab, Amos Rex, Helsinki

Marking the opening of Helsinki’s newest art museum, a selection of teamLab’s immersive digital installations investigates human behaviour in the information era. The interactive, algorithm-based artworks connect with audiences on multiple levels. Until 6 January.

1. Eiji Ohashi, Roadside Lights, 2017
2. Eiji Ohashi, Roadside Lights, 2017
3. Brassaï, Avenue de l’Observatoire in the Fog, ca. 1937; Estate Brassaï Succession, Paris; © Estate Brassaï Succession, Paris
4. Camilla Akrans, A Single Woman, 2010.
5. Vanessa Winship, Untitled from the series Humber, 2010 © Vanessa Winship
6. teamLab, Forest of Resonating Lamps – One Stroke, 2016