5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend’s shows celebrate pioneering practitioners from the early 20th century up to the present day, offering responsive approaches through experimental techniques. From early photographic practice to forward-thinking developments, these exhibitions are receptive to social, ecological and artistic change.

The Future Starts Here, V&A, London

Bringing together over 100 objects, V&A highlights innovative design projects that explore the landscape of the near future. From wearable technology to environmentally aware solutions, the collection foregrounds responsive concepts that offer answers to today’s most pressing questions.

From 12 May. Find out more here.

Ray K. Metzker, Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

A striking use of light and shadow defines the images in this show, offering abstracted perspectives on the everyday. Ray K. Metzker’s (1931-2014) photographic vocabulary made use of multiple exposures, juxtapositions and solarisation, investigating the potential of the black and white format.

Until 30 June. Find out more here. 

Olaf Otto Becker: Ice and Land – Photographs from Iceland and Greenland 1999-2017, Reykjavík City Museum

“I am interested in a wild, unspoiled landscape, where man meets untouched nature.” Highlighting the sublimity of the natural world whilst questioning human intervention, Olaf Otto Becker’s (b. 1959) body of work addresses climate change by documenting the same landscapes 10-12 years apart.

From 12 May.  Find out more here. 

Richard Long: Circle to Circle, Lisson Gallery, London

Referencing ancient symbols and belief systems, Long’s (b. 1945) body of work engages with natural forms in order to make sense of the environment. This show foregrounds recent pieces, including a new floor-based stone circle entitled Flint Wheel. The collection investigates the pioneering artist’s engagement with circular motifs.

Until 23 June. Find out more here. 

Shape of Light, Tate Modern, London

Offering dialogues between photography and abstract art, Shape of Light pulls together images from 1910 to the present day. Contributions from ground-breaking artists Man Ray and Alfred Stieglitz are displayed alongside contemporary practitioners such as Barbara Kasten and Thomas Ruff.

Until 14 October. Find out more here. 

1.  Tomás Saraceno, Eclipse of Aerocene Explorer, 2016, Performance Salar de Uyuni, Bolivien. Foto: Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2016.
2. Ray K. Metzker, City Whispers, 1981. Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery,.
3. Olaf Otto Becker, Iceberg Rodebay © Olaf Otto Becker / Ruzicska Gallery
4. Richard Long, RIVER PO LINE, ITALY, 2001. Courtesy Arnolfini Gallery
5. Barbara Kasten, Photogenic Painting, Untitled 74/13, 1974. Courtesy the artist and Thomas Dane Gallery, London © Barbara Kasten.