5 Questions with Rand Suffolk

5 Questions with Rand Suffolk

The Future Now Symposium is an exploration of 21st century culture through the mechanism of art, running 28 April – 1 May. This multidisciplinary four-day virtual event brings together key institutions, galleries, publications and artists for live-streamed discussions surrounding the most pressing issues from today’s creative industries. Through imaginative debates, panel discussions, career advice and cultural engagement, Future Now is a platform for idea generation.

Future Now finds a new home in an accessible online space for 2021. This year, our sessions are available to stream from the comfort of your home. Ahead of this year’s event, we discuss the pandemic’s impact on life and art with our key speakers.

Name, title and organisation?

Rand Suffolk, Nancy and Holcombe T. Green, Jr., Director, High Museum of Art, Atlanta, America.

How would you describe your role?

Beyond the fundraising and friend-raising, I am essentially an editor. Our team has the expertise, passion and foresight to generate a myriad of ideas and solutions. When things are going smoothly, I help to select projects to pursue and discuss how to deploy our resources. The best part of my role is working for an organisation that is making a positive, immediate impact within our community.

Your most significant project to date?

Over the past five years, we have worked hard to become a profoundly different magnet within our community. That effort has led to remarkably different demographics of end-users; ultimately, a group that is more reflective of the community we serve.

The best in-person or virtual exhibition / event you’ve attended in the last year?

Ragnar Kjartansson: The Visitors opened at the High in early March. His nine-channel video installation resonates powerfully with the incessant screen-engagement that has become part and parcel of our year-long experience with the pandemic. However, its scale, extraordinary eloquence and humanity is uplifting. Every time I experience it, I find myself propelled beyond the exhaustion and banality of our collective, isolation-defined moment. I am also looking forward to hearing the perspectives of my colleagues at Future Now 2021.

Biggest take-away from 2020?!

It is hard to overestimate the sheer importance of resilience, as well as the notion that one cannot just make friends when you need them.

Rand Suffolk will speak on Curating During a Time of Change: Part I, Thursday 29 April, 17:00-18:00 BST.

The Future Now Symposium runs 28 April – 1 May (Live), 2 – 31 May (On Demand). Tickets are available now, starting from £20.