5 Innovative Buildings

5 Innovative Buildings

From new technologies to sustainable regeneration, this selection of groundbreaking contemporary buildings presents new models for the future of construction.

Arachne, Archit-Solution Workshop, 2017.

Located in Foshan, China, this pioneering 3D-printed structure redefines traditional methods of construction. A bold example of digital design, it comprises interlocking lattices that cling to large buildings – creating unique textures that mark a new age in the history of architecture.

Zeitz MOCAA, Heatherwick Studio, 2017.

Zeitz MOCAA is Africa’s first major museum dedicated to contemporary art from the continent and its diaspora. Regenerating a building from the 1920s, Heatherwick celebrates its industrial past whilst offering a new space for the appreciation of artwork from around the world.

Conversation Plinth: Indiana Hardwood CLT Project, IKD, 2017.

The first hardwood-cross-laminated-timber (HCLT) structure in the US, this community project looks to sustainability whilst creating an arena for conversation. The use of new a material has the potential to change the industry – creating jobs and encouraging biodiversity.

Lè Architecture, Aedas, 2018.

Promoting creativity, this high-rise office space in Taipei, Taiwan, has a striking aesthetic that redefines the district’s skyline. Its rounded shape draws inspiration from river pebbles found in the nearby Jilong River, and aims to foster innovation by creating a communal work environment.

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, Zaha Hadid Architects, 2017.

Spanning over 5,382,000 square feet, this vast building offers unprecedented visuals. With a focus on light, the structure uses illumination and contrast to highlight its dynamic shape. An interwoven cellular structure avoids repetition and right angles, resulting in a truly innovative facade.