Whimsical Romantics

Sisters Sally Ann (b. 1994) & Emily May Gunawan (b. 1991) have nurtured a love of photography since their youth, which was inspired by the distinctive nature of fashion editorials. Born in Sydney, Australia, but raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, the duo maintain an aesthetic that exposes the colour and vibrancy of life. Their often humorous works carry narratives that uncover a layer of human emotion that is often absent in fashion work, demonstrating their belief that images speak louder than words. Dreamlover (2012) seeks to savour the intensity of falling in love. Bursting with pastel colours and fantastical scenery, the works are reminiscent of first love and the joy of a new relationship. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta, was used as the set; furthermore, the sisters joined forces with stylist Arsy Medina and make-up artist Lizzie Parra to create fictional first dates at a butterfly museum, a cactus house and a fairytale castle. www.sallyemily.com.