Visual Inspiration

Jamal Nxedlana’s (b. 1985) images are rooted in an Afro-Surrealist style, “creating an alternative image repertoire to tackle biased views of Africa.” The featured photographs were taken across Cape Town and Johannesburg, imbuing the streets with bold colours, prints and fashions. Shot against painted concrete walls, these portraits offer a regeneration of style and purpose. Nxedlana is a cultural entrepreneur and co-founder of Bubblegum Club, a digital publication and content production studio that creates and curates pop culture. He is also the one of the creative directors of CUSS, a Johannesburg-based artist group producing work that “responds to commercial, cultural and technological super-hybridity through the filter of urban trends, material artefacts, and youth culture in contemporary post-post-colonial South Africa.” Nxedlana has exhibited worldwide at Aperture Foundation, New York, as well as Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, amongst others.