Visionary Foundations

Design Week Mexico (DWM) has announced its programme for its ninth edition, with 13 diverse platforms promoting the field as a tool for economic, social, cultural and environmental development. This year the capital has invited Switzerland as guest country to celebrate the 70th anniversary of strong diplomatic relations. One facet of the collaboration at the Museo de Arte Modern presents 100 years of Swiss design, a holistic exploration of their Nordic legacy. The collection will also focus on their international influence, emphasising the two host countries’ traversing projects. Works from Hannes Meyer, a previous director of the Bauhaus school who spent a decade living and working in Mexico, as well as Mexican born Uzeyel Karp, who spent a large portion of her career in Switzerland before returning to her native country, are on display.

Pre-empting its 2018 accreditation as the first American city to be awarded the honour of World Design Capital, the events act as a sample insight into Mexico’s credentials. The overarching theme of the 2017 schedule includes socially responsible practices highlighting the trajectory of leading innovators. DWM’s commitment to the long-term endeavours of design and architecture has justified its appraisal and enabled the annual events to become a congregation point for industry giants. The major architectural pavilion held in the gardens of Museo Tamayo, for example, house the work of the endemically based studio Materia. Much like London’s Serpentine Pavilion, the temporary structure is incorporated into its surrounding environment, including the contemporary art museum and the Bosque de Chapultepec.

General Director Emilio Cabrero states: “Today, the World Design Capital presents an opportunity to challenge and demonstrate our ability to use design solutions to address the social and urban challenges our city is facing.” One such challenge is protecting produce of the country’s cultural history whilst making space for the inauguration of young direction. In response to this the east central state of Puebla has been chosen as this edition’s Guest State. Renowned for its rich tradition of folk art, the series of work centres on the Mayolica style of pottery, glass and indigenous textiles. Visión & Tradición has offered a residency to emerging contemporaries to collaborate with local craftsmen, thus harmonising the creative community of the past and future. The fruits of this merger are exhibited at Museo Tamayo alongside Inédito, a collection of fresh talent from various Mexican studios, with a section dedicated to the Swiss design awards.

Design Week Mexico runs 4 to 8 October. For more information

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