Vintage Highways

Josef Hoflehner’s sleek and stylish yet unstaged imagery takes viewers back in time, to some 50 years ago, focusing on car designs from the 1960s and 1970s. Waiting for the Sun opening at La Photographie Galerie, Brussels, on 28 September, illustrates how the artist tentatively composes his photographs to ensure that no contemporary commodity or amenity is present in the frame.

“The 1960s and 70s arguably saw some of the best-designed cars to ever leave a manufacturing plant. Over the past five years, we have driven across America, along miles of highway and through countless neighbourhoods, searching for vintage automobiles. Whether covered in snow during a winter Nebraska night, or shining in the sun of the Nevada desert, to us, these cars perfectly fit the American landscape.” – from the introduction by Jakob Hoflehner in Waiting for the Sun, Most Press, 2015.

1. Josef Hoflehner, from the series Waiting for the Sun, 2015. Copyright of the artist.