Urban Terrain

Drawn to bold structures, shapes and lines, self-taught photographer Jürgen Schrepfer (b. 1962) explores cityscapes with a camera, uncovering moments of artistic beauty in the modern metropolis. Schrepfer is a mechanical engineer, which explains the attraction to the constructed corners of urban landscapes. Developing an interest in photography in 2005, he has heightened the architectural details of apartments, churches, office blocks, underground stations and libraries. Many of his images are shot in Frankfurt, Germany, inspired by the city’s bold colours and iconic skyline. Although the façades are relatively ordinary, Schrepfer uses abstract angles to create absorbing images that transform the identity of the locations. His vivid frames offer a unique perspective of contemporary buildings. Playing with colour, shadows and geometric form to reconstruct the concrete jungle, the power of architecture is exposed. For further information and to view Schrepfer’s extensive portfolio, visit www.fotocommunity.de/jschrepfer.