Summer Tones

Summer Tones

Adrienne Raquel is a photographer and art director based in New York City. Inspired by femininity, summer vibes and tropical motifs, her work is playful and vibrant whilst communicating a sense of hazy nostalgia. A distinct use of muted pastels and warm tones render each image as a rich, complex vignette.

The works help the simplest objects come to life through colour play. The artist notes: “I have a growing obsession with the colour pink. It possesses so many alternative meanings. In psychology, it symbolises a sign of hope and ultimately brings forth comforting feelings that reassure emotional energy.”

Delving into the importance of palette within the experience of the viewer, Raquel offers bright and bold images that illuminate the everyday and evoke a sense of the divinity in mundane surroundings.

IG: @adrienneraquel

1. All images courtesy of Adrienne Raquel.