Unexpected Compositions

Unexpected Compositions

Raising questions about life in a performance-orientated society, an exhibition at KINDL Centre for Contemporary Art, Berlin, foregrounds works by ten international contemporary photographers whose images examine – and disrupt – everyday routines.

The show confronts viewers with surreal, unexpected compositions, encouraging reflection on the contemporary state of play. Surprising angles and uncanny postures look to notions of fatigue and overwork, inviting audiences into playful yet introspective landscapes.

Featured artists include Juno Calypso, Brooke DiDonato, Sebastian Stumpf and Ben Zank, who each push the boundaries of reality through striking visuals.

From 29 September-3 February as part of Berlin Art Week. Find out more here. 

1. Brooke DiDonato, Closure, 2016. © Brooke DiDonato
2. Ben Zank, Crash, 2017. © Ben Zank
3. Ben Zank, I Don’t Know Anymore. © Ben Zank