5 to See: This Weekend

International art fairs, awards and solo shows opening this weekend highlight practitioners expanding the limits of invention, looking at themes of communication, history and notions of beauty. Through innovative techniques, uncanny locations and timely subject matter, these artworks offer new perspectives on the past, present and future of creative practice.

What To Do With A Million Years, TJ Boulting, London

A new body of work by Juno Calypso (b. 1989) is set in an underground house in Nevada. Built by the founder of Avon cosmetics in the 1960s, the 16,000 square foot luxury structure remains in an immaculate condition almost 60 years later. The surreal interior is the backdrop for a series of self-portraits exploring the themes of eternal life. Until 23 June. Find out more here.

Transformations of Vision, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow

Mimmo Jodice’s (b. 1934) portfolio combines contemporary ideas with a classical approach. For example, the series Attesa reinvents the still life genre by taking objects out of their usual context, whilst Eden comprises spontaneous and surprising compositions taken in the streets and shop windows. Transiti juxtaposes great masterworks with present-day portraits, offering dialogues across the centuries. Until 1 July. Find out more here.

Photo London 2018, Somerset House, London

Bringing together the world’s leading galleries, the fourth edition of Photo London offers a range of exhibitions and events which foreground new and established practitioners. Featured exhibitors include The Photographers’ Gallery; Magnum; Thames & Hudson and Flowers Gallery. The image shown above is part of Robert Morat Galerie’s presentation. Until 20 May. Find out more here.

Architectures and People, Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam

Pioneering architectural photographer Werner Mantz (1901-1983) is known for capturing the modernist structures of the 1920s Neus Bauen movement. In this show, Nederlands Fotomuseum displays striking images of buildings alongside lesser-known portraits, revealing the practitioner’s unique formal perspective. From 19 May. Find out more here.

The Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, York Art Gallery

Showcasing the work of 12 new visionaries pushing the boundaries of innovation, this year’s presentation offers reflection on the era of post-truth. From global financial systems to technology that replicates nature, the diverse subject matter included in 2018’s selection defines a new vocabulary for life in the 21st century. Until 30 September. Find out more here.

1. Erotic Nightmares, 2018. Photography Juno Calypso, courtesy TJ Boulting
2. Mimmo Jodice, Vedute di Napoli Opera 29 , 1980.
3. Ron Jude, Boy Floating in Water, 2012. courtesy Robert Morat Galerie
4. Werner Mantz, Wohnblock in Köln-Ehrenfeld, Alpener Straße, 1927.
5. Jiayu Liu, Ocean Wave, 2017