Unbroken Line, Ovalhouse, London

Opening with previews tonight and tomorrow, the Ovalhouse is set to launch Unbroken Line on the 6 December. Running until 15 December the performance takes place in the Theatre Upstairs. Playing with the question of identity, Unbroken Line, follows the journey of Dolah, a foreigner living in London. Even after living there for 10 years, Dolah struggles with the isolation of London and the ex-accountant takes it upon himself to find the answer to the timeless questions: How do you identify yourself?

Unbroken Line takes the audience into a dreamlike world , as Dolah embarks on a journey of discovery, searching for his place in the world. Written and performed by Jamie Zubairi, the performance serves to be a marvelous insight into Zubairi’s mind. He plays multiple roles, resulting in this piece of comic physical theatre about foreigness, Britishness, culture and the search for identity using live painting, poetry, spoken-word, theatre and Balinese dance.

Unbroken Line, 4 – 15 December, Ovalhouse, Kennington Oval, London SE11 5SW.

Image courtesy of Ovalhouse.