Transcending Walkways

Found 1,905 meters above sea level within the Nordkette mountain range, Austria, is Perspektivenweg, which translates to the Path of Perspectives. Dotted along a 2.8-kilometer long pedestrian walkway, the permanent installation encompasses 10 picturesque structural vantage points built from local materials.

It was designed by Snøhetta, an Oslo-based design practice specialising in architecture, interiors and furniture. Each of the 10 elements provide walkers moments of reflection amidst wildlife and natural surroundings. A pathway protrudes outwards from the mountainside, offering unspoiled views of Inn Valley below. This is created with corten steel, the same weathered material which the Nordkette avalanche barriers are made of.

Larch wood, a typical material from the local forests, forms benches and resting points along the  walk, almost weaving themselves into the lush green land. Every ‘architectural intervention’, as described by Snøhetta, are inscribed with words from Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. “Thoughts rise slowly to the surface like bubbles,” one reads, making for effortless inspiration when traversing this mesmerising landscape.

Path of Perspectives is available to experience now. Find out more here.

Image credit: Christian Flatscher.