The Space Inbetween

The Space Inbetween

Ismail Zaidy was born and raised in Marrakesh, Morocco. Zaidy’s father is from Marrakesh; his mother is from a small town called Oud Zem. Siblings and family members feature in many of the images – ties and connections are integral to the series. 

Zaidy’s first project was in 2018, titled 3aila(عائلة،) “family” in English, which features his youngest brother, Othmane, and sister, Fatima, who support and enhance the compositions through a sense of intimacy and strength. The images were taken on a terrace of their family home. 

The photographer’s creative process starts from gathering props from flea markets – draped clothes and materials spread outwards against the sky. Each image is a moment in time which explores distance between family members – the emotional estrangement and tensions that can often cloud our experiences.  

IG: @l4artiste.

1. All images courtesy of Ismail Zaidy.