The Tell-Tale Heart, Chi Art Space, Hong Kong

The Tell-Tale Heart, a group exhibition curated by Pilar Corrias (London), Leo Xu Projects (Shanghai) and K11 Art Foundation, will open on 13 March to coincide with Art Basel’s Hong Kong fair. The show will feature new works from a line-up of internationally acclaimed artists, including Rirkrit Tiravanija and Ian Cheng.

Taking its name from Edgar Allan Poe’s famous short story, the exhibition brings together works that deconstruct the way in which experiences are relayed through storytelling, exploring how the power of the mind can affect perception and interpretation of reality. It will also look at how the construction and interpretation of narratives has been affected by new technologies and media.

The evening of Thursday 12 March will feature an opening reception and special performance by Rirkrit Tiravanija. Rirkrit Tiravanija will transform the Chi Art Space into a convival space, where each day at lunchtime dim sum will be served in an exploration of human interaction around the ritual of consuming and sharing food. Tiravanija’s work approaches the cultural layers that make up a local tradition by looking at food in an ‘anthropological and archaeological way’.

New York based Ken Okiishi considers the properties of memory along with new ways of reading memory and images through gestures in his work gesture/data (2015). Processing and transferring footage across different formats, Okiisi’s image breaks down and is corrupted into its jittering essential elements of colour and pixel. The flat screen surface serves as a support for both the video it transmits within and the gestural marks of oil paint. Okiish uses the flat screens as canvases, with the footage playing while he is painting a constantly mobile ground.

Using gaming technology, Ian Cheng, explores the mutation of behavioural patterns and the development of the human consciousness. The work, Droning Like an Ur (2014) plays three archetypal games in which characters morph and mutate both in their behaviour and status. Talks by the artists will also be held Thursday 12 March at 4pm.

The Tell-Tale Heart, 13 March- 17 April, Chi Art Space, 8/F, New World Tower 2, 8 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong. For more information visit