Suburban Explorations

Montana-born photographer Holly Andres (b.1977) transfixes viewers by presenting a concentrated experience of suburbia which urges them to linger within the unsettling narratives. Lavish colour palettes illuminate foreboding subtexts, and childhood experiences, impending secrets and female introspection are interwoven within cinematic frames. Familiar spaces are transposed into enigmatic playgrounds for stories to play out: bedrooms, staircases and cars are rewritten as places of apprehension and vulnerability. The images are alive with the prospect of journeys yet to be taken – through doorways, memories and ultimately the unknown, whilst intimate viewpoints of relationships jar against the undermined safety of domesticity. Profiled as an emerging American West Coast artist under the age of 35, Andres has been commissioned for work by the likes of The New York Times Magazine, Art Ltd, TIME, Elle and Vanity Fair.