Subtle Discovery

Maroesjka Lavigne

Maroesjka Lavigne (b. 1989) spent four months travelling around Iceland in the months between winter and spring photographing this diverse and intriguing country along the way. Searching for moments when colour, light and the subject merge to form the perfect image, her works are delicate and underpinned with curiosity. Lavigne achieves what many strive to do – getting her subjects to speak through her images. You can relate to them and there is a certain familiarity that emerges. When her subjects are objects, the composition creates a narrative that invites a dialogue about place. Living and working in Ghent, Belgium, Lavigne has recently exhibited at Foam in Amsterdam as well as winning the prestigious Hague Museum of Photography’s Photo Academy Award. She is part of a new generation of photographers who are pushing the boundaries of image making, seeking stories that take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. The following images are extracted from the series The Island  (2011).