Stepping into Dreams

Alex Fruehmann (b. 1975) bridges a range of humanities, having studied psychoanalysis at INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France, and attended Yale Law School. These critical fields have deeply influenced an inquisitive photographic career, centred on a sense of isolation – exploring the unconscious and the space in between. Beaches, roads and open-water bridges provide alternate planes of possibility; shadows lurk in from the periphery and crest against sharp points of illumination. These dark and dramatic expanses immerse the viewer in the hyperreal, inviting them to revel in the negative space. What happens when we allow our mind’s eye to wander in these soft, sunless landscapes? What rises to the surface when we’re left to wander down an unknown landscape? The artist encourages audiences to tread against the depths of nightfall, through open roads. Fruehmann has exhibited at the International Photo Expo in Paris and been part of a group show in Arles.