Sikkema Jenkins & Co Album by VikMuniz until 10 May

This exhibition at Sikkema Jenkins & Co of new large scale photographs by Vik Muniz showcases two new bodies of work from the artist. These include work from the Album series and Postcards From Nowhere. The work is presented with nostalgia and the Sepia toned photographs are collected by the artist himself over many years.

Postcards from Nowhere looks closely at the way that we use images and how we send these images out into the world using the new technology available to us. It evaluates how we have changed the value of the old fashioned postcard, as well as its traditional importance as a personal, tactile, and unique keepsake from our experiences. Seen here are lost or drastically changed popular destinations such as the Twin Towers and a once luxurious beach in Beirut which have been changed forever by man’s violence and use of technology.

The Album series uses images that are found in numerous albums, normal everyday scenes that may be found in family photo albums across the world. These include baby photographs, a portrait taken at a wedding and even school pictures. Album looks at the questions brought by the availability of photographs and cameras in modern day society and the changes in technology and what they mean to the production and use of the image, how these impact on the community and the way we remember experiences.

Using a wide range of media from from chocolate and sugar to rubbish and toys he reimagines and recreates historical images and his work has been on display across the world including the Museum of Modern Art, NewYork; The Tate Gallery, London and Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo, Brazil.

Sikkema Jenkins & Co 530W22nd Street New York NY 10011

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1. Sunbathing, Album, (2014) Digital C-Print. Courtsey of Sikkema Jenkins & Co