Shaping The Future

Shaping The Future

Sarfo Emmanuel Annor (b. 2002) is fascinated by colour. Based in Koforidua, Ghana, the photographer launched his career on iPhone by making portraits of family and friends. At the time, the goal was to express the dreams and stories of other young people living in his home city. Now, Annor shoots editorial for UNIF and is listed amongst i-D magazine’s “hottest creatives.” He remains drawn to the subject of African youth and its “power to shape the continent’s future,” crafting images bursting with potential. Moments from everyday life are heightened by glowing backgrounds, rendered in magenta, majorelle blue, orange and scarlet. Objects are brought into focus, with vases balancing on heads and leaves obscuring faces. The artist masters tone and contrast, honed from a background in painting and fashion design. Annor is inspired by Ghana’s booming creative scene, joining Prince Gyasi (b. 1995) as one of the country’s pioneering contemporary fine art photographers.

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Image Credits:
1. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, The Unseen II (2022).

2. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, The Tribesman (2022).

3. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Untitled (2023).

4. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Untitled (2023).

5. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Untitled (2023).

6. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Illuminated (2022).

7. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Untitled (2023).

8. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Untitled (2023).

9. Sarfo Emmanuel Annor, Illuminated (2022).