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John Akomfrah, Lisson Gallery, London

Lisson Gallery presents new and recent work by John Akomfrah, demonstrating his rich visual style, which is as poetic as it is political and fuses contemporary issues with history and fiction.

John Akomfrah, Vertigo Sea, Arnolfini, Bristol

John Akomfrah’s (b.1957) multi-screen installation Vertigo Sea draws inspiration from two striking and harrowing literary works: Herman Melville’s Moby Dick and Heathcote Williams’ poem Whale Nation.

John Akomfrah, Phoebe Boswell, Rashaad Newsome: Carroll / Fletcher, London

A group exhibition, featuring work from John Akomfrah, Phoebe Boswell and Rashaad Newsome, will run from 7 March until 10 April at the Carroll / Fletcher gallery in Central London.

John Akomfrah: Hauntologies, London

John Akomfrah opens his first exhibition for Caroll/Fletcher this Friday. Hauntologies reveals the virtuosity and depth of his practice, as he considers on disappearance, memory and death.

Akomfrah: Literary Expanses

The first American survey of work by John Akomfrah investigates the legacy of colonialism, climate change and the experiences of migrants.

10 Questions with Skinder Hundal

We pose 10 questions to our Future Now Symposium key speakers. British Council’s Skinder Hundal discusses his role.

Future Now Symposium Speakers 2021

Speakers at the Future Now Symposium 2021    

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Future Now Symposium Speakers 2020

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Aquatic Memory

Ghana-born British filmmaker John Akomfrah’s ‘Vertigo Sea’ looks at humanity’s complex relationship with water throughout history.

Why History Matters

Through three rooms of video installation, John Akomfrah’s new show at BALTIC is complex and ambitious, examining the borders of film.

5 to See: Eco-conscious Installations

Conservation and the fight for our planet occupies the front of collective minds in 2019, and artists are helping to further that narrative.

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Selected shows look at new technologies in photography, science and medicine, documenting economic and environmental realities.

5 to See: This Weekend

Top picks for the end of June include architectural structures, a celebration of female photographers and a call-to-action on the climate crisis.

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Aesthetica collates 10 of the best exhibitions to see this summer, featuring the latest in digital technology and renowned self-portraiture.

Multiple Voices

This season Somerset House presents two landmark shows, each celebrating the multiplicity of perspectives that form modern Britain.

5 to See: This Weekend

New exhibitions investigate the meaning of home. Environmental film, surreal photography and installations visualise what it means to belong.

10 to See: Venice Biennale

The 58th International Art Exhibition is titled May You Live In Interesting Times. 2019’s artists creatively respond to political and social realities.

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Aesthetica’s selection of US exhibitions open this season investigates timely themes of surveillance, unseen sites and voyeuristic city scenes.

Addressing Diaspora

Signs of Empire, New Museum, New York, shines a light on John Akomfrah’s exploration of the global black diaspora through moving-image installations.