Rune Guneriussen

Installing Objects

Rune Guneriussen’s (b. 1977) practice pursues a path of storytelling that is uninterested in the conclusion. Rather than producing didactic works that regulate understanding, the artist creates captivating structures without an obvious, readable form. Born and based in Norway, Guneriussen’s body of work covers photography, installation and sculpture. A conceptual artist, he combines these three media to produce photographic coverage of a constructed configuration of “things.” He begins with a site (primarily in nature) and builds on the chosen spot, recording the event after the assembly to direct the final image. The resulting photographs demonstrate a diligent hand, a manipulation of objects and an appreciation of light to orchestrate new versions of reality. His parallel use of material and rural space unpicks the relationship between human culture and the planet we inhabit. The following selection of photographs offers an overview of the artist’s portfolio.