Playful Direction

LM Chabot fuses sensitive and objectivity, casting a critical yet sensitive eye over the environment and society through photographs that span fashion, architectural and editorial genres. Inspired by a multitude of surroundings, the duo’s practice focuses around the unexpected; each image exposes the oddities of life through bold, communicative vignettes. The following pages display pieces from a number of personal series including True Colours – a project solely based on spontaneity and creativity – and Trapped – a representation of the #MeToo movement. Also featured are photographs from a variety of commissions from across the globe for Korean Air and Still Optimiste – a clothing collection inspired by the pop-culture illustrations of Montreal visual artist Pony (@ponymtl). LM Chabot has won a number of prestigious accolades such as the Lux Prize, the Kuala Lumpur international photoawards and Flash Forward as part of the Magenta Foundation.