Embracing Customisation

Embracing Customisation

Collaboration with SCAFOS

Copenhagen-based contemporary scarf company SCAFOS was launched in 2017 by founders Rasmus, Susanne and Atin. It was a meeting of minds between a fashion brand and textile manufacturer, and the trio had a distinct goal in mind. They wanted to make buyers a part of the fashion design process. In doing so, they came up with a new approach to production – a model which allowed customers almost full creative control. Rasmus, Susanne and Atin launched SCAFOS as an online space where shoppers could become designer and consumer in just a few clicks – uploading their own images, choosing fabrics and adjusting sizing. With clients now including Starbucks, Aston Martin and Hotel Astoria, the brand caters for high-end wholesale whilst producing one-off, tailor-made pieces.

In the UK, around 350,000 tonnes of used clothing goes to landfill every year. Today, with heightened environmental awareness, many people are looking for alternatives to fast fashion and the high street. SCAFOS aim to offer a more sustainable and ethical option. “We believe in good design whilst being kind to the environment. Our scarves follow an ethical path from start to finish, and all the fabrics are organically sourced. SCAFOS stands for fair trade, the encouragement of slow fashion and the promotion of zero waste production.“ Indeed, customisation has the potential to reduce unwanted items; buyers are more likely to keep products for longer. “We know from many of our customers that they use and save the scarves they have designed for a lifetime.”

Always looking to the future, Rasmus, Susanne and Atin’s goal is to become “a truly sustainable company”— operating with the reduction of waste and carbon footprint in mind. They also donate 2% of profits to children’s charities in India, with a focus on fair wages, safety in the workplace and human rights. “Presenting a socially conscious image far outweighs the thought of maximising profits,” SCAFOS explain.

So, what does this mean for artists? The made-to-order design model presents a unique opportunity to creatives: a platform for expanding their practice and offering new products. SCAFOS allows total customisation – from the label to the print, even down to the tag. “We give creatives the chance to have their art pieces made wearable,” says SCAFOS. “In this way, they can create completely new channels – both in terms of revenue and development.”

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Images courtesy SCAFOS.