Picture Perfect

Kourtney Roy

Kourtney Roy (b. 1981) began her career with the intention of becoming a painter. However, after taking a photography course she quickly found a passion for the instantaneous nature of this art form, enjoying being able to immediately capture a scene as it was unfolding. Roy was born in Ontario, Canada, but lives in France, and her images draw on a large selection of artists, such as Jeff Wall, Guy Bourdin, Stephen Shore and Francis Bacon. She regularly appears as the subject of her theatrical constructions, taking on different personas in a myriad of contexts, for example lounging by the beach, cleaning a house or taking a road trip. Her fine art images are stylish and sublime, mixing precise colour palettes with beautiful settings. Roy’s photographs appear in Carte Blanche PMU, her solo exhibition at Le Bal, Paris, from 30 April until 11 May. The images presented are taken from a range of photoshoots and demonstrate her unique approach to the fashion photography.