Pennsylvania Transformed

Pennsylvania Transformed

Chris Hytha grew up in a small town suburb outside of Philadelphia, fascinated by the city and its urban pull. Chasing this curiosity, he moved to study Architecture, learning more about its presence in both remote and built landscapes.

Hytha is, more often than not, interested in exploring what could be rather than what is. In one image, whilst cycling across the country, he saw an abandoned gas station just off the road in Kentucky, and was captivated by the inverted “T” on the sign, building the broken neon into a near-apocalyptic storyline.

In another image, Hytha tracked down an old psychic shop in rural Philadelphia and added a further sense of mysticism and intrigue, exaggerating its surreal elements through Adobe Lightroom. The images reform the familiar, playing with sunrises, sunsets and fog to envelope the viewer in something altogether elevated.

Credits: All images courtesy of  Chris Hytha.

  1. During a sunset ride through Kansas.
  2. A psychic shop in a run down neighbourhood of Philadelphia.
  3. Shot during lockdown in Philadelphia. 
  4. Shot in down town Philadelphia.
  5. Traffic light post, part of a series highlighting urban elements.
  6. An abandoned gas station just off the road in Kentucky.
  7. On the way to St Louis MO, passing through the small town of Red Bud IL.