Patrick Hough and Lawrence Leck, Jerwood/FVU Awards 2017

The Jerwood/FVU Awards 2017 has been awarded to Patrick Hough and Lawrence Leck. They will be given £20,000 each to contribute to the spring 2017 exhibition with new moving-image works.

The blurred line between real and artificial was explored by both artists in their proposals under the curatorial theme Neither One Thing or Another – pondering the connection and exchange between virtual and physical objects. Lawrence Lek proposed Shiva’s Dreaming in which an emerging artificial intelligence in the form of a computer-generated ghost ponders its autonomy, the limits of its post-human state and its power of creativity. Patrick Hough proposed Funerary Relief where Hollywood Dream Factory artefacts acquire a strange authenticity: forgotten props, replicas, fakes and decor from abandoned film sets become precious mementos of cinema history. Both works lead the audience to look into the uncertain nature of our knowledge and perception by fluently moving between definitions and across formal boundaries.

There were 240 applications for the Awards. Cliff Lauson, Curator of Hayward Gallery, said the shortlist had “adeptly pinpointed the various ambiguities and contradictions of our present moment”.

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1. Patrick Hough, Funerary Relief (Installation View). Courtesy of Jerwood/FVU Awards.