Panning the Landscape

Broken ice. Jagged cliffs. Snow-topped mountains. These images centre around the open blue planes of Canada, from Saint Pierre and Miquelon to Mont-Tremblant and Pond Inlet. The works are crisp, bright and clean, taken from a variety of birds-eye, landscape and portrait perspectives. The photographs sweep from one editorial to the next as a representation of the environment and humanity’s place within it. Bodies float above water, mint-green houses are half-hidden in shade, Inuit communities gather on melting ice. Guillaume Simoneau presents a diverse and aesthetically compelling depiction of Canada’s diverse regions and topographies. He has exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, as well as Les Rencontres d’Arles, and has worked for clients such as The Wall Street Journal, VICE, The Guardian, and Financial Times. His most recent monograph, Murder, was released this year by MACK.