Pablo Reinoso: Living Sculptures, One Central and Mandarin Oriental

As part of Le French May in Hong Kong and Macau, One Central and Mandarin Oriental exhibits Living Sculptures by Pablo Reinoso. Running since mid April, the show runs until 14 July. Le French May is one of the largest French arts festivals in Asia. The event stages world-class events, ranging from visual arts to music, dance and performance. For this edition, French-Argentinean artist Pablo Reinoso has been invited to present his latest sculptures.

The artist was originally a renowned designer, but he has turned his hand to a variety of disciplines, including sculpture, photography, architecture and design, exploring a myriad of techniques and materials. Using his sculptures, he tests the limits of possibility by recontextualising objects, uniting opposites and combining materials, such as wood, slate, brass, marble and steel.

Focusing his practice on the entity, its transference, and the unconscious, using space and time as an environment, Reinoso even uses air as a material in his sculptures. This medium enabled the energy to flow in all dimensions of his self-orientated link between art history and psychoanalysis. The study of functionality within his work leads to an inner dialogue between art and design, which goes beyond the physical structure of the work.

Reinoso exhibited a solo show at Art Plural Gallery, Singapore, last year, who represent him.

Pablo Reinoso: Living Sculptures, April, 25 – July, 14, 2013, One Central and Mandarin Oriental, Macau.

1. Pablo Reinoso, Spider Bench, 2011, Painted steel, 577 x 220 x 95 cm, courtesy of Art Plural Gallery.