Outdoor Performance

“I see the Anthropocene age as a glitch in time,” says Margeaux Walter (b. 1982), based between Los Angeles and New York. “It is so short, and yet has caused so much havoc.” The following self-portraits – Don’t Be a Square – respond to, and reflect upon, the ways in which human beings interact with the land. “We are both camouflaged into and completely disconnected from it,” she explains. Red shopping trolleys blend in with autumn leaves. Plastic fans echo the spiky texture of Joshua trees. Clothes on a washing line fade from blue to beige, mimicking the sky and stones behind. Each set is built on-site by Walter, who erects clothes rails and curtains in the middle of vast deserts and rocky canyons. The results are humorous and surreal, bringing visual joy whilst encouraging us to reflect on our place in the world. Ideas around work-life balance, consumerism and power are brought into focus, with ballot boxes and office desks placed outside in the wild. margeauxwalter.com | @margeauxwalter

All images courtesy Margeaux Walter, from Don’t Be a Square.