Out of the Ordinary

Out of the Ordinary

Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Altered Carbon. “Cyberpunk” is a sub-genre of science fiction featuring advanced technology set in urban, dystopian futures. Just under a year ago, these stories inspired New York-based, Hong Kong-born designer Austin Poon to begin creating 3D digital art. “I found it incredibly powerful to create scenes, environments and stories that I would never be able to photograph in real life.”

The resulting works are shown here. Bus stops emerge from sand dunes. Phone booths bob, inexplicably, within deep waters, and TV sets buzz in the dark. “I enjoy creating artwork that is somewhat surreal and out of the ordinary, but not to the point where it becomes fantasy,” Poon explains. “I like pushing the limits, creating seemingly photo-realistic pieces that tread the fine line between reality and surrealism.”

Poon’s cityscapes make effective use of light, shadow and neon colour. Silhouettes are consumed by towering signs – buzzing with oranges, blues, pinks and greens. In this world, the night is illuminated, not by moonlight, but by an otherworldly, artificial glow. The artist aims to “highlight beauty in a dark and dystopian world,” with pensive figures at rain-drenched windows and pigeons teetering on wires.



All images courtesy Austin Poon.
1. Signal
2. Worlds Apart
3. Bus Stop
4. Neon Nights
5. Watching
6. Sleepless Nights
7. Insomnia