On a Knife-Edge

On a Knife-Edge

Bara Prasilova’s images play with viewer perception. The surreal compositions teeter on the edge of absurdity and humour, using real props to create authenticity and physical tension.

The models are subject to discomfort and contortion, wrapping themselves around stools and tables, whilst being entwined by threads and polyester.

Instead of manipulating images digitally through postproduction as to render a magical ambience, Prasilova works with real props and objects, allowing the figures to offer a sense of authenticity.

Including a Hasselblad Masters award in 2014, Prasilova has been a recipient of numerous awards, including becoming winner of the Photographer of the Year 2009 and 2011 by Czech Grand Design. Commercially, she has worked with Vitra, Ikea, The Czech National Theatre and Newsweek magazine. 


Credits: Courtesy of Bara Prasilova.
1. Twins (2018).
2. Untitled, from the series Helena’s Things (2016).
3. Untitled, from the series Helena’s Things (2016).
4. Good (2020).
5. Selfish (2018).
6. Untitled, from the series Helena’s Things (2016).
Clock (2019).