Objects as Characters

Objects as Characters

Nicolas Polli is a photographer and graphic designer based in Lausanne. In 2012, during his studies in Visual Communication, Polli founded YET Magazine with Salvatore Vitale, which, in 2018, was the recipient of a Swiss Design Award. Since then, he has founded a publishing house, Ciao Press, specialising in the photo book, questioning its role as an object and aesthetic composition.

The following images are crisp, sharp and compelling, transforming everyday objects through disfunction and disarray. Candle sticks bend as if they were sea tentacles. Socks point upwards as if they were blades of grass. Aubergines and courgettes are spliced and submerged.

Polli plays with domestic still lifes, imagining a world – like many of us have throughout lockdown – in which objects are characters all their own.


Credits: All images courtesy of Nicolas Polli.
1. Candles.
2. Broke Up.
3. Couple.
4. Relations.