Numbercult – Articulations, CCA Glasgow

For the latest in their ongoing Cryptic Nights series of events, Glasgow-based producing art house Cryptic present a new work from Craig Ritchie Allan, who, under the name Numbercult, creates performances which unite music and visual art through the use of generative real-time animation techniques, to explore the relationship between human and machine. Articulations is described by Allan as “a unique tapestry for ear and eye and the culmination of years of work at the cutting edge of visual music.” It aims to create a novel and engaging experience that saturates the senses as Allan orchestrates a synchronised ballet of geometry and sound. After the performance, the artist will hold a discussion with the audience.

Allan, himself Glasgow-based, takes his inspiration from a range of artistic and musical figures including Wassily Kandinsky, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Iannis Xenakis. He created an audiovisual installation celebrating the work of Cornelius Cardew to mark the 30th anniversary of the experimental composer’s death. As Numbercult, his generative installations and immersive visual performances have received worldwide recognition. They explore the interface of humans and technology, trying to develop a new language of interaction between user, environment and machine. His work has been shown in animation festivals around the world. Allan’s performance continues Cryptic’s mission to create high quality, memorable, innovative experiences that fuse music, sonic art and multi-media in ways which continue to pioneer their art form. Founded by Cathie Boyd in 1994, the company has thrived on artistic innovation and creative risk-taking.

To date, Cryptic has presented 91 productions (including 28 world premières), which have been seen in 25 countries. Recognising the need for a regular, supportive platform for emerging Scottish-based artists with fresh ideas, Cryptic launched Cryptic Nights in 2009 and has to date, presented over 215 artists in partnership with the Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) in Glasgow. Crossing creative boundaries with live music, visual and sonic art, film and new media, Cryptic Nights presents a selection of the highest quality emerging talents in order to inspire, invigorate and excite audiences across the UK.

Numbercult – Articulations, Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow; 7 May, 8pm;,

1. Numbercult 4, Credit Craig Ritchie Allan.