Nordic Design Brands To Watch

Nordic Design Brands To Watch

Demonstrating a rich sense of heritage whilst looking to the future of design, this selection of studios to watch blends bold aesthetics with functional, 21st century solutions.

Morten and Jonas

Based in Oslo, Norway, this duo create unique cutting-edge furniture and lighting pieces underlined by a sense of curiosity, imagination and humour. A selection of socially-engaged projects demonstrate their focus on the human elements of design.



Inspired by Norway’s unique landscape and adhering to a timeless and historic aesthetic, Fjordfiesta aims to connect with and develop the country’s creative heritage – long-lasting products are produced with ethical and environmental issues in mind.


Paring innovative ideas with clean visuals, Menu works with architects and designers to offer everyday solutions for modern living. Crisp lines, high quality materials and creative concepts come together to provide a Scandinavian-inspired vision.


Established in 2011 and the brainchild of Victoria Günzler and Sara Polmar, this Oslo-based studio looks towards functionality and longevity. The pair have exhibited around the world, showcasing in Stockholm, London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

Warm Nordic 

Revitalising classic designs through a research-driven approach, Warm Nordic presents iconic objects which were previously out of production. A sense of warmth and authenticity permeates its two main collections, which blend old and new seamlessly.

1. Manshausen, Steigen, Norway.  Photo: Nadia Norskott/Bo Bedre
2. Villa P.F. Set Design Photographs. © Image Credit: Florent Tanet. © Set Design: Ella Perdereau. Courtesy of Petite Friture.
3. Fjordfiesta Stol.
4. Afteroom Plus chair by Afteroom for Menu.
5. Sara Polmar, Wallbox. Photo: Lars Petter Pettersen. Styling: Kråvik & D’Orazio. Image: © Lars Petter Pettersen
6. Cowhorn Chair designed by Knud Færch.