Mysteries Intensified

Richard Tuschman

New York-based artist Richard Tuschman (b. 1956) shoots delicate photographs in which familiar reality collides with a dreamlike and nostalgic aesthetic. Having experimented with digital imagery in the 1990s, Tuschman now constructs striking editorial for book covers, magazines, advertising and gallery exhibitions. The following collection of photographs is taken from Hopper Meditations (2012-2013), a personal project that pays homage to the great American painter, Edward Hopper. The shots are not based on individual paintings but rather they reinterpret Hopper’s style and vision using a camera, a model and a range of dolls house furniture. Crafting the sets in his studio and visually capturing his subjects against a blank backdrop, Tuschman builds the final images layer by layer. Inspired by Hopper’s ability to depict the mysteries and complexities of the human condition, he utilises dramatic lighting to portray the emotions of his characters. His work appears in a group exhibition, Hopperiana, which is on at Photology Gallery, Milan, in October 2014.