Multi-disciplinary Environments

Webb-Ellis are British / Canadian artists working in film, installation and performance. They are storytellers, weaving together images, sounds and chance encounters of personal experiences into multi-disciplinary environments that address the universal – what it is to be human in these strange times and the shifting boundaries between the self and the other. Webb-Ellis deliver a talk at the Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition on 10 August, offering a unique opportunity to hear directly from the artists about their practice against the backdrop of the shortlisted piece.

Parlor Walls takes Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 as a starting point through which to comment on the collective feeling of alienation in the digital age. Made up of documentary, performance and online videos, it oscillates between the mythological and the everyday – an enquiry into loneliness, desire, memory and touch, all of which are becoming more prevalent in the 21st century Anthropocene period.

The talk will take place at 12:30 on 10 August and is the final talk in the series.

For more information on Webb-Ellis, visit:

Webb-Ellis Discuss Video Installation, 12:30 on 10 August, Aesthetica Art Prize Exhibition, 26 May – 10 September (Daily 10am – 5pm), York Art Gallery, Exhibition Square, York YO1 7EW. For admission details, visit

1. Webb-Ellis, Parlor Walls, 2016