Bomb It

Jon Reiss

Bomb It, the latest documentary from Dogwoof, explores the high octane and politically charged world of graffiti and the street artists who feel compelled to make their mark in the world.

Director Jon Reiss and his team travelled to 14 cities across five continents to capture street artists in action and interview each about what drives them to paint in public spaces. What emerges is a battle for control of the urban landscape, whether it be in New York, Tokyo, London or Amsterdam. This creates an interesting dialogue, often drawing comparisons between artists in different places.

The documentary is as fast paced as the movement itself, offering a whistle-stop tour of modern graffiti art interspersed with a commentary on the history and evolution of the form. Perhaps not as entertaining as Banksy’s controversial take on street art, Exit Through the Gift Shop, Bomb It is nevertheless a thorough examination of the movement from a global perspective, offering insight into the psychology behind the form and how artists have taken the medium and applied it to their individual cultural and social conditions.

Rachel Hazelwood