Living in Harmony

There’s never been a more important time to consider our relationship with the environment. We’re dangling between a two-degree threshold established by the IPCC and complacency is rising in the everyday. 

But our interactions with nature don’t always have to be on the global scale; they can be in small, local areas, considering our place in relation to literal grassroots. For photographer Giorgia Bellotti, forests, fields and neighbouring mountainsides are platforms on which to explore the unconscious. “Whether it’s a lake, a branch, a tree or a path, they become primordial elements where I rest my thoughts.” 

The images establish a sense of harmony with nature; working with the landscape rather than against. A head nestles gently within algae-green ferns; hands are replaced by wispy thin branches. How can we translate these “non-places” and hybrid beings into something very real? There’s no answers to be found, but this series isn’t about that. It offers an intimate, instinctive journey through textured landscapes and burnt sunsets, evoking a childlike curiosity much-needed today.

IG: @giorgibel

1. All images courtesy of Giorgia Bellotti.