The Post-Photographic Condition, Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal

Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal (MPM) launches its 14th edition with a special programme curated by renowned Catalan curator Joan Fontcuberta. Focusing on the theme of The Post-Photographic Condition, the Biennial welcomes 100 projects by 29 artists from 11 countries in various presentations across the city of Montreal, and includes the world premiere of eight artworks created specifically for the event.

A leading international showcase of contemporary photography in Canada, MPM is an ambitious platform for innovative curatorial endeavours and artistic experimentation. The Biennial sets the stage for the critical understanding of current photographic discourses and generates an engaging dialogue on the contemporary image.

This year’s programme explores what Fontcuberta considers a new era of visual culture: the post-photographic era, which is characterised by the massification of images and by their circulation and availability online. The artworks and artists featured at MPM investigate the ways in which digital technology not only provokes ontological fractures in photography, but also creates profound changes in its social and functional values.

Participating artists at MPM include: Laia Abril (Spain), Roy Arden (British Columbia, Canada), Christopher Baker (United States), Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin (South Africa / Great Britain), Grégory Chatonsky & Dominique Sirois (Quebec, Canada / France), Hans Eijkelboom (Netherlands), Erik Kessels (Netherlands), Jacques Pugin (Switzerland / France), Patricia Piccinini (Sierra Leone / Australia), Joachim Schmid (Germany), Sean Snyder (United States), and many more.

The 2015 Biennial is complemented by a major publication, an international colloquium, a portfolio review, the Dazibao Prize, as well as a series of artist talks, video projections, workshops and guided tours. A series of special events for the 14th edition include an exhibition tour with the artist Patricia Piccinini, guest curator Joan Fontcuberta and art historian Ariane de Blois; in conversation with Paul Wong at Joyce Yahouda Gallery; a discussion with Dominique Blain and Corina Ilea, associate curator at Parisian Laundry, and La Nuit MPM at Parisian Laundry, Biennial Headquarters.

Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal, until 11 October, various sites in Montreal.

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1. Jacques Pugin, Les cavaliers du diable. Copyright of the artist. Centre Phi, Montréal.